Established in Turkey in 1995, Destone has mastered the stone, the glass and the clay, and creates unique designs that are appreciated by the whole world. Having mastered stone, ceramic and glass work, Destone is reshaping the artistic heritage of Anatolia.

Destone is well known for its impressive selection of products, many of which are exclusive to Destone .

Our customers enjoy access to the best and latest global products, skilled artisans who work with the industry’s top technology, and helpful experts to assist with the selection, coordination and installation of our products.

As Destone yapi continues to grow in the future, one thing that will never change is our absolute dedication to meeting the needs of our customers.We guarantee the quality of our seams and profiles, therefore, our relationship with you continues even after the project is completed.

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Natrual Stone Aesthetics


If you are a designer, architect, builder or any other construction industry professional, contact the nearest Destone Yapi. Our team of specialized A&D representatives will be happy to assist you with your project.

  • Hotells
  • Shopping Malls
  • Work Centers
  • Residences
  • Coffee Shops
  • Metro Stations
  • Resturaunts
  • Villas


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